Nick Eve

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Nick has been involved in management development since 1985. He has been specialising in facilitation training and other closely related areas since 1991. His background is in group psychology and its application; and his training is in both individual and group psychotherapy. His years working in management development have led to him integrating the learning from his therapeutic work into the essential skills necessary for today’s managers.

Nick is the partner of Elements which specialises in the provision of training to increase people's facilitation skills, facilitative management styles and internal consultancy skills. Although delegates come from all walks of life the majority are trainers, managers, facilitators, and internal and external consultants. Specialist areas of focus include:

  • The Facilitator’s Development Programme - This is their core programme, a four day in house programme that is based around practice.
  • Facilitating Meetings - A two day in house programme for developing managers and others to run focussed and effective meetings that are worth attending.
  • Facilitation Skills for Managers - A four day in house programme looking at how facilitation as an approach is key to the management skill set and can reframe managers understanding of what their responsibilities are.
  • Tools and Techniques for the Facilitator - A two day in house programme using and learning about a wide range of structures to add to your toolkit.
  • A one day introduction to Facilitation - An in house programme to provide a basic understanding of what facilitation is all about. An external facilitation service. We will come along and provide an impartial external facilitator for your events, conferences and meetings. We can also train up a team of your own staff to facilitate a particular event.