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Trevor is Managing Director of The Management Standards Consultancy Ltd which specialises in developing and implementing competence frameworks, professional development programmes and quality systems in private, public and voluntary sector organisations. Trevor works both in the UK and overseas as strategic business consultant, technical expert in National Occupational Standards (NOS), executive coach, group facilitator and author.

Trevor has worked in learning and professional development for more than 30 years at the Open College, the Management Charter Initiative (MCI), the School of Coaching in Milan and a number of UK and European universities and business schools. In 2000, he co-founded Management and Performance Solutions Ltd (MAPS) which designs software tools to empower individuals and organisations to deliver competent performance and translate this into quality products and services. In October 2002, Trevor was appointed Chief Assessor at the School of Coaching (SCOA) in Milan.

He is the author of a number of management books, including MCI's best selling The Good Manager’s Guide, Law Society's, The Solicitor’s Guide to Good Management, Institute of Internal Auditors' Leadership and Facilitation Toolkit, Skills for Justice's Legal Advice Sector Toolkit, Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management’s Shaping the Profession for the 21st Century and co-author of UK Commission for Employment and Skills’s Guide to Developing National Occupational Standards and Case New Holland’s Rigor and Accountability Skills.